Hey dad you aint missing nothing

Well Fathers day is around the corner as it were and my dad has been separated from this earth for oh some years now and quite frankly were he alive to see the crassness and brashness of the youth today he'd more than would look forward to his demise ....meaning that my father was strictly old school in the strictest sense where your word was your bond and hard work and decency went hand in hand and to be chivalry to women was the norm and not the exception but alas how could he have come up with the concepts of "my bad" "my shorty" "that female" all totally foreign phrases to his post depression era mindset yet growing up with his guidance I'd have to agree there is something to be said for having a moral compass for not being led astray just because someone is popular on twitter to stand fast in the face of racial adversity to make your opinion known when the powers that be are doing you wrong without having to resort to unnecessary and needless violence which gets nothing done in the first place yes well perhaps his era was somewhat too chauvinistic to patronizing to women but at least there was a code of honor where the children were concerned the biggest joke being today especially in the hood is that fathers day should actually trade places with April Fools which unfortunately isn't that far off and yet you have single moms who tout the fact of how strong they are (and some are) yet they aid and abet the destructive rampages of their sons under the auspices of well if he had a strong male roll model....HUH what's that about hey some of my best friends were raised in single family homes and they did just fine because their mothers made no excuses about the choices they made they stood firm and made it quite clear to their sons that just because they were without a father didn't mean their manhood would be any less that stellar in the future and considering how some of them turned out they were my dad taught me how to how my liquor shoot a gun dice and pool but he also told me when to confront when to concede (when in my favor) and to understand the pitfalls and advantages of being a Black man in a White dominated society that I could not only follow the status quo but set it as well ah dad if only you could see how your grandson has faced up to this new and improved world by facing the onslaught of marketing and pre-manhood by forging his own path ( a skill no doubt attributed to you) yeah he can be selfish at times but then again so were you having three kids underfoot can cramp a guys beer and baseball time but when it is all said and done you provided for us in more than just the material the emotional force of you gave us a foundation to build upon to treat others as we wished to be treated I know you knew how cold the streets of Chicago would be so thank you for giving me and my brothers and your grandson that seriously moral thermostat for melting the ice. love you always.

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