The Summer of Thugs

I know not what makes for a violent summer why someone would want to maim or kill another human being but yet in the Black community it seems to be the norm and a right of passage for young Black males ( and possibly) females to reach their pinnacle of hatred and abject violence to hate without remorse or the slightest thought of recrimination against oneself and for what did you grow up in a one parent household? perhaps doted upon as child? the ugly of sleazier side of your youth was it nurtured on the playground where along with marbles bottles and frogs bullets were exchanged was this commonplace? being a kid in suepe sized world where the schooll days arnd little or nothing can assuage the boredom that you feel than wrealing havoc here theres anywhere showing colors/throwing signs drinking stolen wine you say this is your city your turf and woe be it to them to a plocine manitens the pit the stree wast quiet say for a period time for something lost or something to be found WHAT an argument that occurred no rationality involved lets just go shoot arbitrailly. to hell and damn with the pagans god I wish for the ice cream man to come around just the sound of those bells sending into a summer time frenzy of head freezes (the better ot understand hy it is what it is) on my block you must show respect a small economy with the exception of those great estates in the upper monthly so cunning and crude the people unsure of the Leathermen Polize youth eatup and go at it constantly theres no need to be envious of those who have more with cleaner neighborhoods and even a COMMUNITY SWIMMING POLL. We want the best but we settle.

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