She came and went like the breath of fresh air she was singing a song of the people she wholeheartedly loved.
Whether tired or weary you heard strength in her voice a chorus of encouragement saying yes you've a choice.
Bring the rain bring the pain from poetry you gain the flowers that bloom from the iambic frame.
Her bird was caged but her spirit was not fighting for right with a griots might.
Maybe Maya Maybe your question will be answer
be it by Muslims Christians Jews or Panthers
Walking the lines of the Movement or Ms.Dunhams stage
you had the power the fierce grace and sizzling rage
My My Maya yu sho is fine
saw you by the river on Carolina time
Cakewalked after your talk
Flew after your readings
All mixed up and grounded and the same time oh Maya you give me reason
I miss you as much as our Black Pantheon
my praise perhaps not as august my prose perhaps not as much
but my love for you ,my love for you not so much as a feeling but a
a peaceful and quiet rush
And as you pass through the gates and turn your head
to look upon those of us whom your words have fed
Know that you are honored and will be missed and in our memory of you
we will never NEVER be remiss.

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