Here's an idea for Baraks Library............KENYA!

Well exactly what would be the problem if our POTUS was honored by his fathers place of birth hey you say you're African- American so walk the walk beside it's not as if Kenya couldn't use the tourist dollars but then again what are we talking about ......coups? a crumbling infrastructure (if there is one) fighting religious factions corrupt government officials Hell just like the good old USA. so what if you don't get a four star hotel with Vosges Chocolates on your pillow and Prada around the corner you could always take a tour of the beautiful East African Coast (pirates not included) and see the great rift and Victoria Falls I supposed I'm partial to Africa being that my Alma-Mater is named for David Livingstone of Dr. Livingstone I presume fame so why not honor your African roots O. and take heart that you'll inspire even more of our brethren to take political wing and considering how accommodating the University of Chicago has been to African Americans (think Trauma Center) and going to Hawaii for most of us is akin to winning the lottery (which we usually don't) but hey I think we could sell some church dinners to that affect so hey what say you B.O. times a wasting get in touch with your inner Gil-Scott Heron and make it happen captain.

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  • Now wouldn't the Republicans just love this idea?

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