The readers race laugh riot

It never fails how the starbucks liberals at the reader put out these crazy statistical stories about the state of race in Chicago this particular one uses the march on Washington as its base reference point with Timuel Black for flavor it was as they say amusing in that condescending way most "Journalist" who haven't a clue use to support their tired theories about race especially those who benefit from it on a regular basis you see the problem has gone beyond that to just straight up arrogance the people who once owned us can never see us in the light of equality it just isn't possible we're of a savage people we can't be civilized I mean just look at all the poverty and angst that surrounds them ....well here's an idea ...STOP WITH THE BARRIERS open up your minds if not your heart to the vast talents and abilities of black people we are more than the six o'clock news. it was you who put in the restraints and covenants that denied us our place in a democratic society and then turned around and said ...oh my bad but by then the damage had been done and black people have since then spiraled into an unforgiving criminal courts system an indifferent social service and educational system and lastly self-inflicted racism .....a stew that's been a boiling for over 40 years ............whew we've some work to do and silly articles that talk about the past when it still is obviously present by the same people who want the status quo ....that's right you know you do are empty and mean spirited dogs and cyclist in this city get better treatment one doesn't talk back and the other leaves a small carbon footprint whereas us blacks we're quite the handful with out drive by shooting out of wedlock making baby selves so in closing I simply like to say to the editors of the reader when ya get a real clue about race in this city be honest about it don't throw up silly stats just come out with it YOU DID IT!

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