Safe Passage

Wow its mindboggling the state of parenting in this city where now you have to have guards to escort your children to and from school because of gangs.....gangs that once you or members of your family and crew were part of a situation YOU created yet for some strange reason or another you cant seem to come to grips with it while YOUR children are dying yet it aint your fault the city of course will portray this tragedy with all the pomp and circumstance it can muster making it seem the safety and well-being of low income students is its major concern unless the cubbies are winning I know that's a little callous but lets face it black people are our own worse enemy ....I know I know many a black will say that self-hatred has no place in any/all discourses on race but what would you have me do? ignore what has been festering in the ashes of the riots of 68 the self inflicted hatred that has born fruition in the form of drive-bys and daylight shootings when what your child wears to school is more important than what they take to school being supplied not strapped perhaps I'm old fashioned I learned my manners in the projects is it possible that the DREAM we love to give voice to offset our frustration as a people turned into a nightmare? are we really that naïve to believe that the people who once enslaved us really and actually care about our welfare and education? will LOTTO truly save us? Collards or Turnips...aaaah so many question on so serious a subject where are the leaders the men of god those sirens of the sound-bite oh you'll here them soon while there standing on a blood splattered corner with teddy bears balloons and forty ounces lamenting the death of a future KING.

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