I vent I rage I engage

Heck of a title yet what do you want of a homeless blogger....the weather? its all good though Im not the type to feel sorry for himself so it quite the relief to give life in words to whatever wrongs or rights done to you in this lifetime and the older I get the more introspective and acerbic I become not to mention a rambling rose of a blogger Im saying this in order to explain my blogg to those who have come across it and wonder "what the hell is he talking about?" its simply my journey a observations as a homeless person on his way to a better life materially than the one he has now although emotionally and spiritually its all good and Im quite blessed to have such a great and supportive network of family and friends I know what your saying if they're so great than why arent you living with them? good question the answer would be liability .........to them and to myself and its something that neither party is ready or willing to take on at this time or perhaps even in the future so I do what millions of other people do on ths earth each day DEAL WITH IT my belief and faith in myself is strong and wont be shattered by the thoughts of others who think little or nothing of me as my dad would say dont look down on someone unless you plan on picking them up.

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