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So who cares that Im homeless and unemployed obviously not the legions of readers I envisioned when i started this blogg so the world is not my oyster and i got a rock instead of a pearl but push on I do yet I wonder how do the other bloggers do it? whats their secret to readability? word of mouth ? some clout? scintilating subject matter? Naaaaaaaaaaaaah they just dont know what they're missing so yes it can be depressing at times not like having drinks on the roof at the Witt but hey help me get there READ ME tell me what I'm doing wrong how can I turn this around without going to one of those employer/employment factories that take all your personal information yet no jobs and the irony of it is I used to be (well still am) a job developer and I have wracked my brain for answers if this is more like a vent then a blogg believe me IT IS Mr. Greenfield who put me on the blogosphere has been very supportive of me and I thank him for the opportunity to reach out to my fellow chicagoans who might have that all elusive job Im looking for Im not trying to take over the world just to be comfortable within my own skin charity Ill take pity NEVER so come on people read me recommend me embrace me but whatever you do dont taser me i'm out .

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  • Well, I will read your blog whenever you post something. Don't be discouraged, your writing is REAL!!!! Keep writing, tell your story, and other stories, too.

  • thanks if I met you I'm sure you'd have a halo be cool

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