I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Went on the HBCU tour as a chaperone it was a very interesting experience with our young black folk and to come back to Chicago on a Saturday only to hear of attacks upon civilians on Michigan Ave. it makes one wonder most importantly of the perception of young black people by whites how this incident will affect jobs schooling and residence it's not as if we're riding on high right now but somewhere along the way a new sense of decency must open for us the lack of empathy for others pain run rampant in our culture is spilling over to our childeren and children who have little or nothing to live for the effects are devastating to be chaperone /mentor to the children of operation push was the most rewarding experience I've had as a human being opening my eyes to the fact that these teens are much more than meets the eye they are not thugs or thugettes in any sense only in those to blind to give them a chance because of pedigree it is wrong and we must do everything in our power to oversee their educational pursuits so they may take their place in society even though it thinks little of them it is their right and their destiny.

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