when will I be read

Geez and here I am thinking Ill be the next Royko but unfortunately my blogg doesnt seem to have enough ump to get me over to such exalted status must I curse be overtly vulgar and crass/ perhaps its my subject matter too urban too boring not sexy enough too sexy whatever the reason im sure it will pass I have faith in my blogg and what I want it to say and that is that despite the odds one will and can come up....hell Im not Joel Olsteen nor anywhere close to him but I believe that in time my message of self -sufficency and determination will out so what if I dont have that byline in a "great" chicago newspaper does that make me any less the journalist I mean come on who are Mary Mitchell ,Michaeal Sneed and Richard Roeper compared to me ....PAID......yeah true but I'm gaining on em so to whom it may concern if your looking for a blogg with the power of ump here I am a homeless guy trying to navigate the waters of the city of chicago in a canoe with a hole in it tragic but comedic nonetheless give me a shot ...figuratively speaking.

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