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Hey people out and about and reading some articles I'd like to share some of my thoughts about 3 in particular. the first is about the confirmed school closings it was nicely written but as usual we already knew what was to be said the handwriting was on the wall since the demise (a rather nice word huh?) of public housing it was inevitable the schools go with it out chaos in the home equals chaos in the schools which leads me to a real now can I put this ...just another elitist writing about black people (In the chicago reader of course)and it was in regard to the Watkins baby whose funeral has just passed the article laughingly suggest did segregation have anything to do with the childs death when the reality is is that people like the author of this story and those that hire him are not aware of black folk ....that we have knowledge talent and decency they're the ones who write our story and get it wrong wrong wrong and the way they throw in a former thug for effect PRICELESS. moving on the story about Rangel hiring relatives and nepotism rearing its ugly head HEY Hispanics have been coming up for quite some time and if they emulate the behavior of those who previoously kept them down then oh..well some would say Hispanics are the new niggers and that could be true but in this city if youre not connected and white everyone is.

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