The art of the homeless

walking about (something I do often) and noticing the hype about the picasso show got me to thinking about art here in chicago rather the outdoor variety lets see we have the flamingo the monument with standing beasts and that afghan thingy by you know who which every or at least every chicagoan should know but strangely enough chicagos not down with culture Hotdogs hockey and cubs yes culture no and the funny thing is theres art all around us yet we seem to take it as a neccessary evil that we must remain cosmopolitan even if it kills us but we are are art isnt of the conventional kind its vertical thats right vertical those soaring spires of gothic neo-futurist and old chicago glories that have lifted this old praire city for ages think about it where would we be without the sears or (gag) willis tower the rookery ,Aqua ,the sexy yes sexy curves of chase tower or those many tributes to mies on lakeshore drive from the late 19th century to the present someting of mortar brick steel marble granite or concrete lets you know that here a museum is not really where its at especially considering the price of admissions just sitting in a plaza on a warm sunny day (try to ignore the pigeons) and youll get your fill of bauhaus ,arts and crafts or deco the "art" comes from the chicagoan themselves how they dance around these streets thru pedways ,bridges ,crazy intersections and bike messengers yet still manage to take in that river or lake view going into the city on a daily or weekly basis one cannot help but be mesmerized by the sheer beauty of shapes and forms that make us the great city we are despite our issues of race unemployment and inflation we are the architectural capitol of the world bar none.

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