The God Bangers

Through no fault of their own PGM has on staff crew of fellas to whom zealotry is life incarnate their treatment of their fellow man leaves much to be desired I suppose its as the saying says power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely yet why must that be the case when you were once in a subbordinate position there yourself once? are you getting your revenge and or just desserts by taking it out on those of us who were'nt as fortunate as you to graduate from the "program'' or were your programed many a man has commented on the stepford like mentality of the new converts questioning their sincerity and commitment to the shelter population at large the slights the off color comments the overall indifference and these are men of god? perhaps it goes with the territory to be honest the homeless arent the easiest people in the world to work with but hey you made the commitment so at least try ot live up to it what adult in his/her right mind wish to be ordered about as cattle oneminute then treated as a fellow traveler the next too many chiefs and not enought injuns is a term that applies aptly to the mission where fellas drunk off power and glory forget the real reason their there to give succor and comfort to their fellow man despite some of the ignorant and aggressive beavior they encounter RISE ABOVE IT,MOVE ON EDUCATE and most importantly you can't force religion down ones throat it has never worked and it never will this doent come from six months residency but from being around the church for most of my life in seeing how righteousness gets the better of compassion a common mistake maybe but we the residents are not common people we are your fellow man and we regardless of our station in life deserve better.

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