snow day

Yeah a snow day a day when you can either sit back and contemplate of get on with it unfortunately im of the latter and with a potential job on the line even more anxious,but you gotta have hope which is what one of the directors of the mission stresses daily even though sometimes I know he knows hes not reaching them but hey bless him for trying people iI've found have various coping mechanisms for homelessness ......most prevalent is denial that this cant be happening to them and how could someone not love them enough for this to happen i'm a bit more pragmatic ...MONEY I lost it and I have to regain it to live comfortably for myselt and not anyone else,sure its a battle but whats worse giving in i see that consistently in the faces of some of the men and women of the mission and i can feel one of two things pity or disdain but who am I to judge I'm here to I guess that's why we have snow days to figure this shit out.

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