Black history,Black mystery

Not all my blogs are aout my situation which by the way is holding steady, I just thought I'd comment on the month of Black History month after reading an article in this weeks Roosevelt Universities Torch newspaper, it touched upon the subject of the length of the tribute and if itis really necessary to Blacks in general .....hmmmmm considering what is going on with the culture and overall behavior of our younger members it begs to be considered .....are they complacent? do they realize the depth and breath of what we've endured as a people or are they ready to move on thinking that race as they know it is a sometime annoyance and has little consequence in their daily lives I supposed it would seem that way seeing that we're represented in the media more prominently yet as to how is another thing is it still demeaning and condescending ? or is a lack or perspective and knowledge of those who control the media whose world rarely collides with ours unless its of a negative nature (cant we all just get along?) If we focus on the accomplishments of our forbears things appear much more brighter and meaningful and if those accomplishments are within a 28 day frame does it really matter? how strongly do we identify with our past ? what can or can we not let go of? I still remember the days of Mr. Charlie that most young black folk cant relate to and in their lack or interest let movies such Django do the talking for them are they complacent or just caught up in the material aspects of their world view where you are what your twitter followers say ,your game trumps your race and everybody loves you I'd say your fooling yourself always be aware and always care we're just a marketing campaign away from Stephan Fechit attitudes.

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