To help or not to help

I know strange title but it occurs to me that help for the unemployed,homeless or needy in general always comes with a caveat ....that of the feelings of the person doing the helping to say you will help isnt necessarily a contract or bond but for gods sake think about the feelings of the person you say you want to help out what you take for granted they (and that includes myself) take seriously it's not as if we think you dont want to help but when time is of the essence and as usual things are going awry you need consistency and truth from your friends and families not the proverbial lip service that I and I'm sure numerous indigent folks have recieved from people who wish to do good but for some reason or other cant seem to get the ball rolling on your behalf (then why make the offer?) theres an old saying i'd like to share with people who have good intentions and lack the juice to back it up .....don't help me help the bear.

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