Shelter and Santa

This is not a feel good Blogg but hey the holidays in a shelter arent exactly for lifiting a glass of nogg and singining carols it's mostly for reflection on the fact that your fellow man (or woman) has recognized your plight somewhat and has donated what they can and in that you can be grateful,but overall the sense of disparity and ennui can come down on you like a sledgehammer but Christmas is a time of miracles and they do come no matter what your circumstances i live with men and women whose potential for the arts sciences and politics somehow went astray and see it in their eyes everyday ,yes they're angry confused the whole gamut of emotions but they still BELIEVE not because they live in a mission but because it's human nature to do so why we crave lust and long the old adage of high hopes (no pun intended) you get my drift so by selling streetwise hustling or any odd job to bring security into ones life is a way of courting that miracle that will lift you up and out to a better life yeah people will talk but theyll also take action and recognize that there is a smart decent and hardworking person underneath who did'nt attend an ivy league or big ten school have riding lessons or afternoon tea at the Drake but can just as easily get with the concept of it all even the haves don't have it all so we the men and women of PGM push on this holiday season and in the back of our minds Know there is a miracle and it's just around the corner Happy Holidays.

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