Go forth you Bloggers

Take the bull by the horns and let your true feelings out this coming new year dont hold back lets face it we live in an in your face,facebook world where the culture is saturated with sarcasm and violence, yet there is hope and i'm her to tell ya being homeless hasnt given me any perfect insight onto humanities problems but it has taught me that to thine own self be true and if you start from that point youll find direction employment housing and all the other things in this life you thought lost to you .....it's never too late so when i get an email from our fearless leader about blogging frequency i take it with a grain of salt being that i dont read his that often anyway so to my readers whoever they may be I say do your thing as long as its the right thing.

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  • Good luck to you in the coming year.
    Must admit your attitude is exemplary.

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