2012 /heaven or hell?

Considering I started out this year In my own digs I'd say hell but being the kind of guy I am I'll look upon it as an unfortunate phase towards a new life and hey I got my health. that being said what up chicago ? Oh the things I have seen a lone pigeon on the tracks at the North/Clyborne (or Apple ) station acts of random kindness from what I gather to be randomly kind people,new businesses coming and going new foods I'm an almond butter junkie love Rodditys and the Waffles at the White Palace grill these and othe little things have kept me going while not finding employ but at least I'm still going and that's the point of my blog ........Handle it, despite the pain despite the weather despite the finances .....Handle it
Yours from the Blogverse Craigeej
Happy New Year.

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