10 Falsehoods about people

1) They really don't like Letterman or Leno

2) They'd legalized porn in a heartbeat.

3) We're power crazy and we love it

4) We won't push the poor off the fiscal cliff

5) We really want bacon and acai berries with every damn thing.

6) We believe Santa is outsourcing

7)We don't care about Oprah,Ellen,or Barak...Just Bill Clinton baby yeah.

8) We have never ever held baptisims at Starbucks (yet)

9) Third world countries make us take....uh give more,

10) We don't believe in people magazine.

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  • HA! I like it.

  • I'd legalize porn, and basically if you and the subject are over 18, it is.

    If Illinois is that desperate for tax revenue, I'd legalize prostitution and weed and tax them.

    Acai and bacon may go with most things, but not together.

    Oprah who?

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