The morning after

Things are pretty much the same at PGM the reelection of Obama though cause for celebration doesnt make the pain of being without work any less, I just read Mary Mitchells column on what blacks should expect from Obama this time around,and to tell you the truth we probably wil get the same not to sound all negative but race doesnt determine Obamas thought process being that he's in racial limbo,even though his diction and comportment are not "hood" it's like prego it's in there but to dicipher what blacks want would be to have lived the black urban experience something which he has'nt. he's palatable to whites because of his lineage and that they feel he has some loyalty to them as well as blacks but his black roots are african not of the southern variety where theres bound to be a relative or two thats been hung from a tree for a minor incident no folks Obama aint got those kinda stories or experiences or either side, what he has is a vision for a egalitarian America which is funny considering most of the guy I shelter with couldnt spell or define the word for them racial pride is enough.

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