The Irony of it all

On this election day as a homeless black man with numerous other black men in a shelter (no not discounting the other minorities there It's just not about them right now) the mixture of pride and resentment for Barack Obama is overwhelming, why him ? what happened to our american dream? were we the victims of our own selfishness? that we did'nt live up to our potential as black men? or was it simply being born into a society that does'nt value what is'nt homogenous? I was 3 months unemployed when Obama first became president and living in an SRO and here I am four years later umemployed and in a shelter. angry? yeah Upset?yeah Hopeful ? but of course we all have our crosses to bear and this I suppose is mine and just like most black males who have education and can't seem to make it work we have to admire him for his sense of perseverance even though it's mired in a reality that's not of the average urban black male I recently just finised a book on go-go music and Washington D.C. and how the chocolate city has now been taken over by it's vanilla suburbs ,but when you consider all the "progress" that has been made in this country and you have'nt been a part of it is it any wonder? Chicago is'nt really any different being that we had Black Aldermen who stood around and watched our own diaspora from public housing without nary a peep so I say to all the homeless male/female black white whatever politics aside put forth your best effort it will get better even though you feel your not getting the recognition you deserve IT WILL HAPPEN PUSH.

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