The Helladays

Sometimes even when your flush the holidays can be hell so just imagine what its like when youre homeless.........HAH fooled you it can be just as warm and loving as always theres just not a familiar chair or bed to fall into after the feast having family that loves and care for you but canot house you is a blessing and as long as you have a roof over your head and a bed to keep you warm you have to take comfort in that. Im saying this because this past week I have had some to the most tremendous blessing from family and friends it didnt put me over the top but it said I'm going there,and that in itself makes a world of difference. A resident informed me casually that he hates to pay rent or be responsible for himself and became angry when I disagreed with him so I ended the conversation knowing that the pain that brother was feeling was far beyond competency ,don't let that person be you and have a happy HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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