Easy to be hard

theres a song from the play and movie hair called easy to be hard with the opening lyrics of " how can people be so heartless " which I would like to apply to those who for whatever reason promise to call or e-mail with job leads or monetary relief it's not as if I'm sitting around for a handout but what happened to your word is your bond? come on just because I'm homeless does not mean my time is not as valuable as anyone else's nor are my hopes up for grabs or laughs so please keep it real with me believe me I can take it . Now on to shelter news the mandate of two bags per resident came into effect today they'll be a lot of profanity and hurt feelings but policy is policy and it will help some of the guys to move on and get their lives together t's for the best and I hope they realize that since the missions mission is to save souls not to provide storage for folks who don't want to move on with their lives.

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