Carrots and Horses

Things have settled since the election and most of life as we know it has gone back to normal at PGM whatever that means yet it was odd seeing a fellow resident profiled in the reader about the election and talking about his thoughts on it odd being that I probably pass him everyday and not notice him thats how interpersonal and crowded it is there is no networking as far a jobs are concerned nor the promoting of them only God and the joy of salvation never once since I've been there have I heard of employment opportunites and I look out on a sea of men (and women) who are not all drug addicts or ex-offenders but people who are financially down as a former job developer I would love to offer my services but I feel they wouldnt be welcomed and yet a person who has found his way to a job and a better life be more inclined to come back and support the mission?or is the thinking that of out of sight out of mind? yet with the constant hammering of the gospel I can see that being a possibility. the rules and policies of PGM are shrouded in mystery questions arent answered they're evaded the attitude being your getting 3 hots and a cot so don't make waves just a joyful noise.

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