Yes you can have a good day

Cold but a warm sun came my way and I made the best of it fortified by a breakfast of pancakes and sausage PGM style .....not to make fun believe me I'm grateful but to those of you who think it's Duncan Hines(look him up) worthy think again.To be honest about the sermons they pretty much have become hit and miss with me, if your going to (unfourtunately) sell God at least be more creative not Dave Chappelle creative but creative shout out to bobby your spirit glows brighter every time I see ya keep gettin up,speaking of which we did'nt till 6am which is makeing for a more pleasant sunday till I ran into the marathon good cause or not the life of a homeless person is a marathon,but I digress anyways my meanderings are little longer than usual because I'm longer on hope and it's a good feeling. take care oh and on an odd note there aren't that many earrings to be seen at PGM are men more mature or has that statement run it's course hmmmmmmmm.

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