more than our share of the gospel

Last nigth and the night before last we had visiting churches one of which was apostolic church of god in christ who brought with them a very accomplished singer. It's a shame sometimes when the residents of PGM decide to play suduku or read during services usually theres someone around to correct their behavior but not at all times,and it happens with all races I know the constant push of god god and more god can get to a person but hey they mean no harm if anything they wish you well despite the hammering. I've yet to eat lunch or dinner there being that my days are pretty much spent looking for employ and being that are morning meals are pretty skimpy what would be the point? I know I know beggars can't be choosers but it makes one wonder in a city of this size why is there no compassion for the lower orders? is it racism? elitism? or just don't give a damnism whatever the case one can only hope things get better I'm out.

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