Missing the Old Malcolm X

Well it’s official the school of African American Pride and Joy will now be a Hockey facility …..yeah I mean there’s a new one but this is sorta sad for all of us who have memories of summer employment and taking classes at what was one of the most Afro-centric places in the city true... Read more »

missing the old malcom x

Red Neck White House

Okay yeah I sorta really thought about THAT title but hey doesn’t it speak to you all the hand wringing about white disempowerment and it comes down to this : White men hate their lot in life ( at least those who don’t have a college education and can attend Cub games) and the possibility... Read more »

The Black Man in the Blue Birkenstocks

Hey Chicago now what a summer so far huh and one which I found myself looking for a sandal (you know it saves on the sock washing) so I found myself in Nordstroms on Michigan Ave and there they were Birkenstocks …now mind you I aint the granola eating kind by a mile unless it... Read more »


Yeah I know summer isn’t here yet but hey no time like the present so here are my top 10. 1-Claudia Kalb-Andy Warhol was a hoarder (Inside the minds of Histories great personalities. 2-Kourouma Ahmadou-Allah is not Obliged. 3-Jess Walter- Beautiful Ruins 4-Laura Lane McNeal- Doll Baby 5-Colby Tanner-Some of my best friends are Black... Read more »

Roof Hoppin'

In case you didn’t know ChicagoNow readers the thing to do this summer is Roof Hop which involves setting oneself on top of the most prime and delightful gifts the city has to offer: the Roof-Top Bar! and there are a boatload to choose from and are we not a city of the tallest most... Read more »

10 African American Artist you should Know

After seeing the Kerry James Marshall show at MOCA( Incredible!!!!!) I began to think about Black art and its impact on America and the world at Large we are phenomenal and I’d like to share some more of our great artist with you as well 1-Myra Green- Harsh Elegant Blackness 2-Martin Puryear- Purity in Sculpture... Read more »

That Restroom Thing

So let me get this straight (for lack of a better word) if I have what I have and I don’t like or relate to what I have I can yell racism to impose upon someone who has what I don’t have and they should be alright with that because then I won’t call them... Read more »

Soul Shacks and Tithe Temples

Having grown up on the West Side I was never really pushed to have a religious agenda by my parents yet they instill in me the values of living my life as child of god though not with the trappings of vulgar self-righteousness that most of my churchgoing friends had (for some strange reason) so... Read more »

I took a tour with CAF (The Chicago Architecture Foundation) but one question what the HELL happened to Bronzville?

Hey good folks of Chicago I was fortunate this Easter to have the pleasure of being on a CAF tour of the cities neighborhoods with a docent by the name of Kathleen from CAF she was very knowledgeable and personable yet when it came to the end of the tour which was Bronzeville it was... Read more »