3 websites to help you make it through Friday afternoon

3 websites to help you make it through Friday afternoon

It's Friday, it's sunny. You might not be giving all of your energy to work today. (I mean, I obviously am, but you might not be.) If you're looking to take a few mental breaks during the day, here are three of my favorite websites to generally entertain yourself.

Cake Wrecks
I suck at trying to make pretty desserts....so I don't try. This website is all about the terrible disasters that come out of your local bakery. Now, you may not be a Cake Wars person, but trust me, you'll get sucked in with the bad grammar and inappropriate occasion cakes. (Think baby shower cakes that are actually in the shape of a fetus.)

CNN Distractions
CNN totally gets it. Check out this stream of videos that feature cute puppies, people doing stupid things and general time wasting videos.

So Yeah Duh
I'm a fan of What Should We Call Me, but I like this Tumblr page so much more because it brings a Chicago twist. I can relate to about 75 percent of the posts on here, which is either very cool or very sad.

What fun websites do you use to distract yourself?


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