Forget the Super Bowl, I'm watching the Puppy Bowl

Forget the Super Bowl, I'm watching the Puppy Bowl

I hate football. Judge me if you will, but I find it to be incredibly boring. However, every year I'm dragged to my parent's Super Bowl party to eat delicious chili and play on my phone while everyone yells at the screen. Well, not this year. This year I plan to watch the Puppy Bowl IX.

*Warning: if you keep reading, you may experience cute overload.*

On Sunday at 3 p.m., flip over to Animal Planet for the Puppy Bowl IX. You'll see a cast of adorable puppies ranging from eight to 12 weeks old playing in a pen that looks like a football field. While there isn't an actual game being played, the puppies do "compete" to win MVP, Most Valuable Puppy.

Need more convincing? In addition to watching the adorable fluff balls play, you'll get to see the hedgehog cheerleaders in pink tutus and the kitten half-time show. Hamsters will "pilot" the blimp over the stadium, and a bird Tweets from the sidelines. (Apparently he got 21,000 followers during last year's Puppy Bowl.) I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!!!!!!

If you're worried about the animals, don't be. They all come from shelters around the country, and the Puppy Bowl helps them get adopted, as well as promotes animals shelters in general. There is also a representative from the Human Society on hand the entire time to make sure all of the animals are well treated.

I can't wait!!!!!!!


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