Don't miss the chocolate event of the year

Don't miss the chocolate event of the year

Remember how I said street festival season is my favorite time of the year? This is my second favorite. The Chicago Fine Chocolate Festival takes place this weekend, and it might as well have been called the "Let's Make Chicago Quirk as Happy as Humanly Possibly" festival. An entire weekend devoted to chocolate? Yes, please!

The festival kicks off at noon on Friday at Navy Pier. (This is one of the few occasions I'll venture over to Navy Pier.) Choose from dozens and dozens of amazing chocolate vendors who have chocolate samples and an array of delicious confections for you to purchases.

The French Pastry School will present a number of chocolately activities. Chefs will provide cooking demonstrations throughout the weekend. Ever want to know how to make chocolate marshmallows, ice cream or truffles? Check out the schedule of presentations. The school's chefs will also demo how to make chocolate sculptures. You know, in case you were thinking of making one for Thanksgiving.

Be sure to hit the pairings area to see how you can combine chocolate with various wines, beers, coffees and teas to bring out even more flavors. (You had me at 'chocolate' and 'wine.') There's tons more to visit, so you might want to game plan before you dive in.

General admission tickets are $25 and include general admission and 15 chocolate samples. VIP tickets are available for $35 for admission and include 15 chocolate samples and 10 beverage sample tickets. Be sure to buy your tickets online or you'll have to pay an additional $5.

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