You can skip Sausagefest

You can skip Sausagefest

In the coming months, there are going to be a lot of weekend festivals to choose from. Since there aren't enough hours to see them all, I'm going to share my recommendations of what to skip and what not to miss in the Chicago festival scene.

Must See: Do Division

A great example of a fun, chill street festival. Street food, a long list of live bands, family-friendly activities and a full sidewalk sale featuring amazing vendors. You can walk up and down the 10-block stretch or take a seat at one of the restaurant patios and enjoy a beverage with a side of people watching.

Skip It: Sausagefest
I went last year, and it was sooo not worth it. I mean, I love a good fancy hot dog, but I guess I expected more of a variety of encased meats. Since last year was its first year they could have improved it. Although the line-up looks the same. (I have to give props to Paulina Market, though. Amazing food.)

Here's a few more to occupy your weekend:

A new breed of film comedy comes to the Laugh or Die Comedy Fest on Saturday at the Portage Theater. For $16, get your fill of dozens of movies, stand-up comedy acts and the end-of-the-night awards ceremony.

And since every good weekend deserves a little camp, enjoy a morning buzz at the Kit Kat Lounge Marilyn Monroe birthday brunch. (Our dear Marilyn would have been 86.) The Kit Kat Divas will perform their live Marilyn Monroe renditions.

One of my favorite restaurants is celebrating its 4oth anniversary this year. Tonight, La Creperie is offering it's delicious menu at the original 1972 prices. If you haven't experienced this restaurant, it's the perfect time to try it.







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    Disappointed to hear you don't recommend Sausage Fest! I didn't go last year, but was looking forward to it this year. It's walkable for my family, so we still might check it out as an outing.

    Also, you're definitely right about Paulina Meat Market. Sooooo good!

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