This is why you should skip Naperville Ribfest

This is why you should skip Naperville Ribfest

The summer is in full swing, and there are rooftops to enjoy, festivals to attend, beaches to lay on. Now is the time to be selective with your time. Here's a few suggestions for how enjoy what is hopefully a gorgeous weekend.

Must See

I admit that I've never been to the World's Largest Block Party at Old St. Pat's, but I do know people who have met their significant other at the fest. Oprah dubbed it the place to meet your match and the church claims that over 100 people have met there and later married. Aside from that, there are some great musical acts and the environment is one to mix and mingle with other Chicagoans.

If you're in a movie in the park type of mood, check out "Grease" in Chase Park. Be prepared for it to turn into a giant sing-a-long.

You might not be a fan of Shakespeare - I, of course, am - but this is a good show to see if you're a newbie. Spectralia Theatre presents "As You Like It" in a serious of outdoor productions premiering Saturday. Check the website for where productions will take place.

Saturday night is a big night for the Chicago tap dance community. Chicago Tap Theater presents "Totally Tap-ular," a collection of tap dances set to classic '80s music. Tap legend Brenda Bufalino will perform "Flying Turtles," her classic tap dance from the 1980s. After taking in this production, hop on over to Stage 773 for the monthly cabaret series by the Cartier Collective.

Skip It

I'm sure I'm going to hear crap for this, but I can't stand the Naperville RibFest. I'm not talking about the musical acts, I'm talking about the fact that it costs so damn much money to stand in really long lines to pay a lot of money to eat ribs. My biggest problem is that you can sample a lot of these vendors at other festivals throughout the summer, and you don't have to pay $10 just to get in. It's incredibly not worth the money.

The L.A.T.E. Ride sounds great in theory. However, I've done it, and it's not fun. They don't stagger the ride so there are tons of bicyclists cramming down the tiny streets of Chicago. You can't even peddle because there are too many people on top of you.


I don't know how to categorize this one, but I feel I should let my readers know about it: The Bachelor is having an open casting call at the Westin Michigan Avenue on Sunday at 5:00 p.m. Good luck!



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  • As a native Napervillian (Hmm... meaning one who was born in Naperville and grew up there. Not one who seeks to destroy Naperville, like a maniacal Disney villian.) I am so happy that you wrote about skipping the Ribfest!
    I love Naperville, but I refuse to attend the Ribfest. Too many people, chaos, kids, heat, smells... it combines all of the usual ingredients of a summer fest, but corrals all into a too-small venue and smothers everything with sticky, barbecue sauce. No, thanks!
    As I do love a good sing-along, I might just check out Grease. Thanks for the post!

  • LOL Napervillian!!!!

  • Also, as Statler and Waldorf said to Link Hogthrob: "There's something about this that isn't kosher."

  • Chicago's Ribfest (on Lincoln Ave.) allows do most other neighborhood events (well, not Taste of Chicago, of course - that is far too busy and noisy)....Naperville never has.

  • If you want delicious ribs that melt in your mouth, go to Tony's Breakfast Cafe on Ogden Avenue in Brookfield. My brother and his wife took us there after a trip to Adler's Planetarium a few weeks back. They raved about the ribs. We tried them and they are awesome!

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