Weekend events that don't take you anywhere near downtown

Weekend events that don't take you anywhere near downtown

This is Chicago Quirk, coming to you live from the city of Chicago. If you're reading this, then we haven't been annihilated by angry NATO protestors. It also means that I'm on my way to work - at Monroe and LaSalle - so hopefully this won't be the last you hear of me.

On another note, it's going to be a beautiful weekend, and I have a few activities you can partake in that don't require you to go anywhere near downtown.

I never cared much for May Fest - generic food, generic music, blah blah - but the significance of it is what makes it worth noting....the first summer festival of the year!!! My favorites don't start until June, but I'm just so happy the season is back!

Kite flying is highly underrated. Have you tried it since you were a kid? I have a really fun cow kite, and sometimes I take it out to the parks on nice days. Don't judge, it's fun! Check out the Chicago Kids & Kites Festival at Lake Shore and Montrose on Saturday. Pick up one of the 5,000 kite kits NATO is providing or buy one from Chicago Kite. And for those of you who liked the book "The Kite Runner," there will be a workshop on the history and tradition of Afghan fighter kites.

As you're taking a lovely stroll along the lake this weekend, swing by Belmont Harbor to watch the Trapeze School. Sign up for a class and enjoy two hours of instruction from a real trapeze artist. And if you're a giant chicken like me and would never ever do something like this, you can take a seat on the grass and enjoy the show.



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