Please don't buy rabbits as Easter basket gifts!

Please don't buy rabbits as Easter basket gifts!

I love rabbits. My family had one growing up, and we adored her. She was also crazy and chewed up half the house. Every year, parents buy rabbits for Easter, thinking they'll be a cute addition to their kid's Easter baskets. Unfortunately many of these rabbits will be abandoned once the families realize how much work comes with these cute bunnies.

After every Easter, shelters like the Red Door Animal Shelter receive a flood of rabbit drop offs from people acting on impulse buys. However, this is a better alternative to the countless rabbits who are released outdoors, a death sentence for this domesticated pet.

If you're thinking of buying a live Easter bunny, don't. If you are considering a rabbit as a pet, stop and consider the following.

- This is a long-term commitment. Rabbits can live up to 10 years.
- They often need to be spayed or neutered to cut down on aggression and spraying.
- Rabbits are not passive, cuddly creatures, and small children can often frighten them.
- They are prey animals and can attract the attention of the family dog.
- While rabbits can grow pretty large, they are still very fragile. They need to be handled with care.
- Rabbits don't just sit in a cage like a hamster. They need playtime and stimulation.
- Rabbits need a pen or cage, a litter box, hay, toys, special food and other basics similar to dogs and cats.
- They can be destructive. You'll need to supervise their playtime and rabbit-proof your home.

A rabbit can be a great pet if the owner is prepared to provide the right quality of care. If you are ready to have a fluffy, adorable bunny in your life, visit your local animal shelter and pick one out!



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