How can you get involved on Earth Day?

How can you get involved on Earth Day?

It's time to go green, people. It's Earth Day weekend, so that means fewer four-block cab trips and a little more clean-up. We may not be surrounded by nature in the city, but there are still plenty of opportunities to tidy the few patches of natural Earth we have.

Take part in Chicago's Citywide Clean & Green Day. Join the cause at a location that you feel could use a good scrubbing. The city will work with you and your group to provide the necessary cleaning tools.

Grab your work gloves and overalls, and head to your local park. Friends of the Park is celebrating Earth Day with the annual Earth Day Parks & Preserves Clean Up. Check out the list to find a spot near you.

Enjoy as much nature as you can this weekend with the Sierra Club's Montrose Earth Day Bird Walk and Beach Sweep. For those early bird watcher, the walk starts at 7:00 a.m. followed by a beach clean-up at 9:00 a.m.

And for something completely different: I'm so excited to that Randolph Street Market is kicking off! This weekend is the Modern Vintage Chicago Spring Clothing & Jewelry Explosion at the Plumber's Hall. You'll find anything from hand-made items to vintage Gucci and Hermes. Seriously, it's awesome. You should go.




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