The Wiener Circle has it's own reality show. Really? Really?!

The Wiener Circle has it's own reality show. Really? Really?!

Why would anyone want to watch drunken Lincoln Park trixies get yelled at by bitchy hot dog stand workers? Oh, I forgot. People will watch anything. Tonight at 9:00 p.m. is the premiere of the famous Wiener Circle's reality television show on TruTV. I can find very little information about it except for what is on the show's website:

Welcome to the wildest wiener stand this side of the Mississippi. When late night revelers on the north side of Chicago step into The Wiener's Circle, they get more than a late night bite, they get a blast of sass from a food-slinging crew that puts the "cuss" back in customer service! As if that wasn't enough, those customers who are willing to take the fun to the next level are invited to try their hands at outrageously irreverent and hilariously embarrassing challenges, with free hot dogs, burgers and fries as a prize. At The Wiener's Circle, you don't just get dinner, you get a show.

I've seen this short documentary about the Wiener's Circle, and it's really an eye opener. However, something tells me this is going to be more along the lines of "Girls Gone Wild."

I normally wouldn't watch something like this, but I have to tune in so I can give my faithful readers my opinion on whether or not this is an embarrassment to our fair city.



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  • Every time I think reality TV will start to die down, more junk clogs the space. Oy.

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    Yeah, and this one is pretty bad. I watched the first episode, and I'm always struck by the dumb things people will do and say to get on television.

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    What a stupid F*%*(ng idea for a show. Shut the f*@k up and give me my damn chocolate milkshake you skanky b^&^&*h!!!

  • CafĂ© Brauer Hot Dogs vs Chicago hot dogs
    Cafe Brauer hot dogs were among the finest hot dogs in Chicagoland
    Although they were not the "Chicago Hot Dog" that we know today

    In Uptown the hot dog was king, you could get a great hot dog almost anywhere any push cart stand that sold hot dogs was great.
    the best was at Lawrence and Marine Drive, then at Clarendon and Wilson, One of my Favorite places was Goldblatts Basement
    they had a unique "Bun Puffer" that had needle like valves that shot a blast of steam through the bun, they used a fat hot dog and their relish was greener that anyone else's

    Cafe Brauer Served hot dogs At The Lincoln Park zoo and every concession stand in the Park and all the beaches and I think even Wrigley Field but I'm not sure about that.
    Their Hot dogs were great and the only condiment you could get with it was some kind of brown mustard they cost a whole dime more and they were worth it.

    I will go to a hot dog stand outside the area that advertises Chicago Hot dogs, they haven't a clue as what a Chicago hot dog is, But then neither do most of the patrons,

    At one place advertising a Maxwell polish, I asked the owner if he knew where Maxwell St is. ?
    he told me it was just the name of the sandwich and not a place.
    The true Chicago Dog I believe can only be had in Chicago

    Bill "I miss the good old days" Matteson

  • In reply to billmatteson:

    I agree that you have to be in Chicago to get a good Chicago-style hot dog. I actually did a whole post on the history of where it came from. Very interesting stuff.

  • Awesome! I will be sure to tape this and check it out. I just love the Wiener Circle - it is one of the things I miss about Chicago. Already planning a stop there when I visit in August - gotta get some of those cheese fries. What is that cheese anyway? I am not a big hot dog person, but the Wiener Circle hot dogs are the best!

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    I love it too! Nothing better than sitting on one of the benches, enjoying those cheese fries in the summer. :)

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    In reply to ArielPlath:

    I highly recommend that you DO NOT eat anything with that nasty fake cheese they use.

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