The Annual Chiditarod

The Annual Chiditarod

What's this?! A post about weekend activities on Thursday? That's so unlike you, Chicago Quirk!

I know. Alas, I'm on my way to Florida tomorrow for a warm and sunny one-year anniversary celebration with my hubs. First, a few stops to visit the fabulous old Jewish relatives and then on to gorgeous Key West. Don't worry, I'm bringing SPF 45.

Picture majestic huskies pulling their hardworking human companion through the Alaskan tundra. Now replace all that with obnoxious people in costumes. That's pretty much describes the Chiditarod. Four people pull a suped up shopping cart through a pre-determined track through the city while one person steers. By the way, this is also a food drive.Raising money for charity is a wonderful thing, but I still think these people are nuts.

The annual Polar Plunge takes place on Sunday at North Avenue beach starting at 10:00 a.m. Prizes are awarded to those that raise the most money but also for the craziest group or individual costumes.

Chicago turns 175! The city will celebrate this occasion at the Chicago History Museum on Sunday at noon. It seems pretty light, but event goers do get a slice of birthday cake from Bleeding Heart Bakery. I'll go anywhere for free cake.

I'll be back next Thursday!!



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