Naked Girls Reading!

Naked Girls Reading!

I'm back! Yes, Key West had 80 degrees and was amazingly chill, but I will always call Chicago home. I'm winding down this weekend, but there are tons of things you can do. And don't forget daylight savings time on Sunday!!!

Naked Girls Reading is hosting its third anniversary party tonight at the Everleigh Social Club. I didn't realize how popular this event had become - there are Naked Girls Reading chapters in 14 other cities! I guess nobody can resist ladies in their birthday suites reading stories. Tonight the topic is fairy tales, and attendees will get to see the ladies live and a few Skyped in from New York City, Seattle and London.

I don't care if it makes me an old lady. I love the Flower and Garden Show! Saturday kicks off the seven-day long festival of pretty things at Navy Pier. This year's theme is "Hort Couture," meaning the gardens are based on textiles and fabric colors. PRETTY!!!

(Fun fact: In 2001, workers were unloading tons and tons of sand and dirt in the Pier's festival hall in preparation for the Chicago Flower and Garden Show. I guess nobody thought about how much all that weighed because the floor collapsed into the parking garage below! Nobody was hurt, but at least one car was damaged.)

The South Side Irish Parade is back this Sunday. Supposedly it's dry. Yeah, that'll happen.

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