Live Production of Best in Show

Live Production of Best in Show

Oscar weekend! Sure, there are tons of parties all over the city, but none of them are terribly interesting so we'll settle for watching it at home. Check out some of the other fantastic events happening this weekend.

Enjoy a live production of "Best in Show"....otherwise known as the International Kennel of Chicago dog show. Not only are there adorable doggies everywhere, it's the best people watching ever. There are the crazy dog people that yell at you not to touch their fluff balls. (Yes, I have been yelled at. I can't help it. They're so fluffy!) Then there are the people who look like their dogs, profusely brushing and talking to them. And, of course, there's everyone else. We're talking fanny packs and more dog-themed sweaters than you could ever imagine.

Skip Oscar glamour and just stuff your face with wings. The annual Wingfest has shifted to the Bailey Auditorium to accommodate the 2500 attendees. Judge which chefs make the most delicious wings in the four categories: mild, hot, BBQ and exotic. Be sure to stick around for the "Lord of the Wings" eating contest.

I can't decide if this is really cool or really gross and trashy. Kirkwood is hosting the Polar Bear Party - that means hot tubs all over the beer garden. Drunk people in bathing suites in hot tubs all over the beer gardens. Actually, that's trashy.

Sentieri Italiani, the Italian language and culture center, will teach you how to play Briscola, a traditional Italian card game. Learn the rules, play in a tournament and even learn how to cheat.

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