Chocolate, girly drinks and astrologers

Chocolate, girly drinks and astrologers

The fastest way to get me interested in an event is to tell me that there's going to be food there - I'm that ridiculous chick positioned next to the appetizers as if it was my last meal. Throw chocolate and delicious cocktails in there, and I'm in heaven.

Vosges will host Love Potions and Aphrodisiacs: A Valentine's Day Tasting tomorrow night, a two-hour event that features champagne, signature cocktails and chocolates from the Aphrodisiac Collection. The event starts at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow at the Lincoln Park location, and tickets are $30.

This is not something I would normally be in to, but over Halloween my husband and I went to a Vosges whiskey and chocolate tasting, and we had the best time! Granted, he drank the whiskey and I ate all the chocolate but still! That event was also $30, and I absolutely felt that I got my moneys worth.

You may be wondering what exactly makes this event quirky enough for me to write about.....there will be an astrologer at the event doing readings! I love love love anything to do with psychics, astrologers or palm readers. (Not tarot cards, though, because for some reason they always tell me horrible things are in my future.)

So, to recap: chocolate, girly drinks and astrologers. Sold!

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