The Best Chicago Fall Festivals

The Best Chicago Fall Festivals

Happy first day of fall! Chicago Quirk isn't feeling so hot today, so we're going to skip the flair and give you the best of the weekend:

The Randolph Street Market is winding down for the season, and this weekend's market is the last general market this year. (Next month's is Modern Vintage Chicago and November is the holiday market.) I can't stress enough the fact that you can find ANYTHING here without much sifting. Think of it as the fanciest and most pretty flea market you'll ever see.

I don't drink beer, but I do love me some Oktoberfest. Check out the St. Alphonsus Oktoberfest for a good mix of food and entertainment. I went last year, and it's definitely worth marking the trip.

Yay for Lincoln Square Apple Fest! (Even if it is sponsored by the Chicago Vein Institute. Weird.) Get all things apple without the hassel of dragging yourself to an orchard. Side note: apple picking is hard and kinda overrated. What the heck do you do with a bushel of apples?! This festival is perfect because you can skip all those steps and just buy delicious, homemade apple pie.

If you find that you have an extra ticket to Chicago Gourmet, and don't know who to take....pick me!!!!!! I've always wanted to go, but I can't justify the $150 admission fee.

Happy Friday!

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