Ever Wanted to Skip Down the Middle of State Street? Tomorrow you can!

Ever Wanted to Skip Down the Middle of State Street? Tomorrow you can!

Tomorrow is officially October, and as sad as I am that summer is gone I do love fall. More specifically, I love Halloween festivities. I have to warn you that my blog may morph from 'Chicago Quirk' to 'Chicago Quirk Should Probably Shut Up About Halloween Already.'

As I said yesterday, I'll be heading out to a ton of haunted houses this weekend for my haunted house reviews throughout October. Driving out to the suburbs is going to suck, but I'm SO excited to see what's out there and report back.

Have you heard of the 'Go Do Good' campaign? The Chicago Loop Alliance (CLA) partnered with United Way of Metropolitan Chicago to encourage Chicagoans to perform 100,000 good deeds this summer. I had no idea that was going on or whether or not the goal was accomplished, but the CLA is rewarding Chicago with Open Streets on State Street tomorrow. State Street will be car-free from Lake to Van Buren tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. There will be tons of events and activities going on, including a mobile skate park, a dunk tank, breakdancing demos and playgrounds....all in the middle of State Street.

Remember the time you peed your pants in second grade gym class? Or that time you face planted in the middle of Homecoming? Well, there's an entire comedy show dedicated to these horrific childhood moments. Mortified, the hit show where comedians tell stories about their most traumatizing adolescent days, will play in Chicago tonight at Schuba's Tavern.

Want a pumpkin farm experience without leaving the city? Check out the Rogers Park Harvest Celebration this weekend.

Need more Oktoberfest? Check out this list of Oktoberfest events.

Chipotle is having a fairly odd event in Lincoln Park tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Basically they're using food and entertainment to promote their mediocre food. I will probably go to this, though, because it promotes local farmers. And free food. Okay, I'll probably mostly go for the free food.



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