Pssst!....Say no to Paul Vallas for mayor....but don't pass it on

You’d better read this post in a whisper. Some folks would rather not talk about this, and I kind of get it, but I just think before things get out of hand around here there’s some things we need to know. So here’s some secrets. Don’t pass them on. Or do.  Really, do whatever you... Read more »

"An act of prejudice against our school": Closing NTA

I’ll tell you, friends, the current round of CPS school closures and snatchings is going to show where our new CEO stands. Will she listen to her constituents or march in lockstep with the mayor? Janice Jackson’s publicly proclaimed priorities reflect her roles as CPS alum, teacher, principal, and parent. Rahm’s priorities for the district,... Read more »

The perils of state-run gaming, and an endorsement for the 25th District

There is certainly a great deal happening in CPS right now. Much to pay attention to! We’ve got new CEO Janice Jackson trying to deal with the fallout from the previous CEO’s special education funding-revamp chicanery. We have a series of ongoing hearings about the latest round of school closing plans (and I use the... Read more »

BBB, Claypool, Janice Jackson--What difference does it make, really, who's in charge?

Big news on Friday for all you public education supporters. Forrest Claypool has finally resigned, effective at the end of December. We should be jumping up and down! Throw a parade! Shoot off fireworks! The chorus calling for his firing has been building for some months now. And of course you remember my last two... Read more »

Fire the Liar, part two. Claypool must go.

Now, if you’re a parent of a special needs student in CPS, you already know how down-the-rabbit-hole this world feels. You know that you have to push and push and push for the services your child is legally obligated to receive. And you may have noticed that in the last year, you have had to... Read more »

Fire the Liar: An Ode to Forrest Claypool

CPS special ed parent and advocate Mary Fahey Hughes has long blended her encyclopedic knowledge of CPS special ed practice and federal law with fearless advocacy in order to make folks aware of what is going wrong in special education in Chicago Public Schools. She has spoken at board of ed meetings, accompanied parents to... Read more »

Looking behind the curtain of school choice, again

Today’s post is written by guest blogger, neighborhood schools activist, linguistics PhD, and CPS mom Katie Gruber of Hyde Park. Gruber has appeared here before writing on the failed promise and misleading rhetoric of charter schools and school choice. She urges us to look at the real effects of charter proliferation in our district–and how what we... Read more »

Time to trade in mayoral-style "accountability" for an elected school board

You ready for an elected school board yet, Chicago? Has the news of the week pushed you over the edge? We have Emanuel, who repeatedly reschedules his meeting with city council to tell them his heroic plan to cover the costs of the rest of the school year, and then it emerges that the total... Read more »

The continuing saga of filthy schools, brought to you by Aramark

You may have read some disturbing news last week that made you shake your head and say, oh those terrible inner city schools. It was a little story of a failed health inspection. Only our neighborhood paper reported it. Here is the bulk of the story from the March 31, 2017 Hyde Park Herald. Last week,... Read more »

Betsy De Vos and HBCUs as pioneers of school...segregation

With good reason, folks all over the country raised a hullabaloo over Betsy De Vos’s latest preposterous utterance. Going beyond the free-lunch offensive, wading deeper than the claim that American universities brainwash students, now she steps deep into…history…to make new claims about historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). “HBCUs are real pioneers when it comes... Read more »