CPS' newly posted job, Executive Director of Personalized Learning, comes with a dire warning

Chicago LinkdIn users found a surprising job posting for a new executive-level position in CPS last week. This is actually much bigger news than it at first appears. Its importance, however, has been almost entirely eclipsed by our governor’s foolish comments that CPS schools are crumbling prisons. We’ll get back to those comments another day. But for... Read more »

Chicago Public Schools are broke, not broken

Chicago Public Schools are broke, not broken
CPS mom and ChicagoNow blogger Annie Swingen of Swirleytime guest posts for Chicago Public Fools again and brings a corrective to Gov. Rauner’s rhetoric.  Yesterday, during a tour of Chicago Tech incubator 1871, Governor Bruce Rauner blasted Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and likened our public schools to prisons. “The simple fact is that when you... Read more »

3 ways for Chicagoans to advocate for our schools (and against 40% CPS budget cuts to students) this week

Perhaps you are feeling a little hopeless or powerless in the face of the looming CPS budget cuts. Fellow ChicagoNow blogger Annie Swingen is here to help you. Her blog isn’t usually education-related, but she has a kid in CPS now, so she’s been inadvertently swept up into the morass of our district’s ongoing problems,... Read more »

What's really behind the curtain of "school choice"?

Neighborhood schools activist, linguistics PhD, and CPS mom Katie Gruber of Hyde Park has been getting very annoyed about the ideology of school choice lately. In the context of the CPS funding crisis, her guest post is more relevant than it was a few days ago. Any guesses about how much money CPS spends on... Read more »

Whose schools are Chicago Public Schools? Our schools.

Folks, I have some guest posts lined up for next week, and parent response to the latest announcement from CPS that our schools are going to see up to 40% budget cuts in the fall. But there’s something important I have to say first. Yes, of course those budget cuts are untenable and our schools... Read more »

Chicago Public Schools' threatened 39% budget cuts: Forrest Claypool's ransom demand

Yesterday Forrest Claypool called a few select principals togethers and informed them that budget cuts could soar as high as 39% next year. And precisely as predicted, the news traveled like wildfire all over social media. Just for good measure he said things like, We need to make sure there are no minutes that aren’t... Read more »

Keeping track of reassignments: Troy LaRaviere, Andrea Zopp, and Springfield

It’s been a long few months, for me, away from commentary on CPS. But following CPS is a little like watching a soap opera. Nothing ever moves much. A gap of months brings the onlooker back to the same problems, the same set of troubles. Things are the same, but worse, is all. Spending cuts,... Read more »

Dear Rahm Emanuel--Do you have any idea what's going on with special ed cuts?

CPS parent Lori Miller Barrett won the prize as first parent to be directly affected by the CPS “central office” cuts that were really special ed cuts. I quoted her in Wednesday’s post. She had written to me on Monday to say her daughter’s IEP meeting that day was indefinitely postponed because the main facilitator... Read more »

Rauner's state of the state (and the state of the schools)

Today in honor of Bruce Rauner’s annual state of the state address I bring you guest blogger Shelley Barnard, who can’t get the governor’s threat to take over CPS out of her head. Is it too much of a spoiler to tell you she doesn’t think Rauner would make a very good go of it?... Read more »

"CPS layoffs will not affect the classroom:" Another Claypool fiction

On Friday CPS announced 227 central office job cuts for a total of $30M in savings. Forrest Claypool assured us all that while these cuts are painful for central office, they won’t touch the classroom. I was happy to hear about this! Admittedly, CPS has trimmed central office religiously for years. It’s been downsized so... Read more »