In the wake of the mass school closings, one measurable result

To the surprise of not one single CPS family who went through the process, the 2013 mass school closings did not result in the outcomes promised by mayor Rahm Emanuel, then-CPS CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett, and the appointed board of education. This will also surprise zero researchers who were rigorously examining the question at the... Read more »

#itsnotstupid to CPS families: CPS leadership and disrespect

It didn’t seem to take very long for CPS chief Janice Jackson to move into the apparently preordained, appointed-CEO role–a role in which condescension and prevarication seem to be obligatory. We’ve seen a steady progression from that first friendly video she recorded which, if we weren’t talking about Rahm’s CPS, would’ve filled everyone with hope. But we... Read more »

CPS bright stars incinerate lies

You might have missed what Chicago offered the nation this weekend. Our city shared some spectacularly talented and powerful kids with the March For Our Lives in DC on Saturday. Wait. Let me be specific. Spectacular Chicago Public Schools kids. It’s my job to point out the problems in CPS, but I always repeat that the... Read more »
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When the charter lobby wants your turf

What does it look like when the charter lobby wants your district? Have you ever thought about that? Do you wonder how charter corporations choose a neighborhood to set up shop? Have you sort of always figured, well, charter schools move into neighborhoods where they’re needed, or where schools are struggling, or the children need... Read more »

Read those political mailers verrry closely, folks

Friends, we’re now down to the last days before the 2018 Illinois primary election. If you’re like me, you’re staggering under an avalanche of mailers from candidates in every race. After awhile (that is to say: not very long) they all start to look the same and my eyes glaze over and these mailers go... Read more »

Pssst!....Say no to Paul Vallas for mayor....but don't pass it on

You’d better read this post in a whisper. Some folks would rather not talk about this, and I kind of get it, but I just think before things get out of hand around here there’s some things we need to know. So here’s some secrets. Don’t pass them on. Or do.  Really, do whatever you... Read more »

"An act of prejudice against our school": Closing NTA

I’ll tell you, friends, the current round of CPS school closures and snatchings is going to show where our new CEO stands. Will she listen to her constituents or march in lockstep with the mayor? Janice Jackson’s publicly proclaimed priorities reflect her roles as CPS alum, teacher, principal, and parent. Rahm’s priorities for the district,... Read more »

The perils of state-run gaming, and an endorsement for the 25th District

There is certainly a great deal happening in CPS right now. Much to pay attention to! We’ve got new CEO Janice Jackson trying to deal with the fallout from the previous CEO’s special education funding-revamp chicanery. We have a series of ongoing hearings about the latest round of school closing plans (and I use the... Read more »

BBB, Claypool, Janice Jackson--What difference does it make, really, who's in charge?

Big news on Friday for all you public education supporters. Forrest Claypool has finally resigned, effective at the end of December. We should be jumping up and down! Throw a parade! Shoot off fireworks! The chorus calling for his firing has been building for some months now. And of course you remember my last two... Read more »

Fire the Liar, part two. Claypool must go.

Now, if you’re a parent of a special needs student in CPS, you already know how down-the-rabbit-hole this world feels. You know that you have to push and push and push for the services your child is legally obligated to receive. And you may have noticed that in the last year, you have had to... Read more »