The appointed board of ed: An idea whose time has gone

We’re heading into election week and I want you voters to consider sinking the appointed board of ed as well as the mayor’s ship of fools. Oh, we can’t do it right away. It’s only in the planning stages. A “nonbinding referendum” (that is, “something put to a vote which no one in City Hall... Read more »

Dear education reform, It's over between us

Dear education reform, You know it’s always been a rocky road for us. But even though you had your downsides, you said you cared so much about children. You seemed to love giving them chances and opportunities. You seemed so good at connecting people and schools with resources. You were really good at something I... Read more »

Let's sink this ship of fools

Readers, when I began this blog I started with a powerful image from centuries ago: the allegorical Ship of Fools. The image goes all the way back to Plato and has been used in hundreds of paintings, books, and songs ever since. A boat full of fools attempting to sail to the paradise of fools.... Read more »

Celebrating Chicago!

Readers, I must tell you that I love public art. And history–I love history. Which is why I’m going forward with a couple of new initiatives. I’m bringing my two loves together, history and art, and bringing some wonderful events to our city to commemorate our shared history. The first thing I’m planning is a... Read more »

Mayor Emanuel's reversal on Obama High

To be Obama, or not to be Obama–that is the proposed selective enrollment high school question. Rahm has decided that it is not to be Obama after all. “In my rush to honor our favorite son, I made a mistake,” he said, announcing the retraction this week. Reassuringly he told us, “I heard the community. And... Read more »

The dirt on privatization

A while back I wrote the to-date-least-liked post I’ve ever done. It was a hy-larious satire about privatization and how it is the Republican answer to every question. It was so comical, see, because in our blue city, our blue leaders were pursuing school-system privatization in ways that would make Milton Friedman blush. And so... Read more »

Barbara Byrd Bennett weighs in on Dyett High School

I’ve been writing about Dyett High School, you know, kind of a lot. Dyett High School, which the CPS board of ed voted to phase out several years ago. That phase-out, to be complete at the end of this academic year, got a big boost when CPS officials called the remaining students in the final... Read more »

Alderman Burns and the public mayhem: Dyett, part 3

I am far away from Chicago right at this moment, and the city and its problems–and the South Side–and Washington Park–and Dyett High School—all are very far away from my mind. Even to you in Chicago this might seem like a small story, hard to focus on, a story from someone else’s neighborhood that doesn’t... Read more »

In the 4th Ward, 800 equals zero: Dyett, part 2

Last time, I said I would let you know about the plan that has been created to keep Dyett High School operating as an open-enrollment school, and where the conversation currently is with the powers that be. Pardon me if I can’t tell you exactly who is in charge in this decision. No one is... Read more »

Why not just close the crappy school? Dyett H.S., part 1

I think if we’re honest with ourselves, we wonder aloud–or, depending on where we are or whom we’re with, inside our own heads–why on earth a few folks make such a big deal about another school being closed. Honestly, the decision was made years ago, the handwriting has been on the wall for years, the... Read more »