Chicago and the Daley's are synonymous. The two would serve a combined 43 years as Mayor of Chicago (21 and 22 years respectively) amid controversy and accusations of political corruption and nepotism. And now, it seems as though some privileged relatives of Chicago's most powerful family are in a world of trouble and despite the best efforts by some members of the Chicago Police Department and Cook County's State's Attorney's Office from letting this become a  legitimate criminal case. A Cook Judge, though, has decided there is more than evidence that the case has been "mishandled" and this case bears a "close watch by all residents of Chicago."
I have probably written more posts regarding the deadly encounter between Richard “RJ” Vanecko and David Koschman than any other particular subject. The reason for this is not because I want to see the Daley’s get their just rewards – it is simply a matter of standing up for what is right and what is... Read more »