An Explanation Is In Order

An Explanation Is In Order

I am sure there are some people wondering why this blog has not kept more current, especially since I am the type of person who enjoys the debate that often follows. Well there is a reason and feel that an explanation is in order.

Anyway this strange trip of mine began a little over a year ago and has led to a plethora of medical procedures and tests by some of the finest medical people Loyola Medical Center has to offer. Needless to say it was serious and thanks to my interventional cardiologist was able to get past the first hurdle(s) and strong enough to move on to the next stage.

And believe me, that first stage took quite a few procedures before being handed-off to other specialists to deal with my hyperactive thyroid. New medications and tweaking helped but something still wasn't right and more tests were ordered to rule out other more serious causes. When news came back from the specialist that my condition was not what he had feared we were more than elated.

Still we needed to get some of numbers up to a point where surgery to remove my thyroid could be safely done.

Well it seems we are at that point and will be undergoing my operation in short order. The doctors are confident I will not only feel better but make a full recovery after the surgery and a little more medication tweaking.

Naturally I am nervous but have accepted the fact this needs to be done but know there are no guarantees for any major surgery. This has been difficult to cope with at times and if it weren't for the strength of my dedicated medical all-star team, my wife and family well I don't know if I could have dealt with all the ups and downs. But we are now nearer to the date and once I complete taking my pre-operative potassium iodide we will be ready to go barring any last minute delays due to lab work.

So bear with me as I intend to get back to my political and prep sports blogging afterwards.

I am hopeful.

Besides High School Football is around the corner and the wife wants me out of the house to cover them as well as going to see the Ides of March performing at fellow blogger's Tom Byelick's TomFoolery Fun Club on September 11th.

So lot's of things to do time to get this thing done!

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