Get Rid of Tom Giarrante in Tuesday's Joliet Mayoral Election

Get Rid of Tom Giarrante in Tuesday's Joliet Mayoral Election

It is time to get rid of Tom Giarrante in Tuesday's Joliet Mayoral Election!

Not only has Joliet suffered due to his lack of vision and leadership but he has perpetuated the same dictatorial type of government begun by his predecessor and mentor, Arthur "Art" Schultz. Sadly Tom Giarrante was able to win the Mayor's Office with an abysmal 26% of the vote the last time around due to too many candidates lining-up to try and wrest control of the position.

Bad Move As Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen Spoiled The Political Broth!

This time around, though, we have a field of three with Councilman Bob O'Dekirk, Councilman Andy Mihelich and the incumbent seeking the position. Now while I would have preferred a simple head-to-head contest beating Giarrante is a doable task if enough people come out to exercise their right to vote. And given the obnoxious number of phone calls coming in from the Giarrante political camp they apparently realize that a large turnout will bounce him out of office.

Matter of fact, as I write this post another Giarrante phone call has been answered by my now irate wife who is telling the political operative that only a cold snowy day in hell would garner him a single vote (out of the three religious voters) from this household.

Of course this isn't the first time my wife has told the Giarrante camp to stop calling or to stop wasting their time. What gets her ire up (more than mine) is the fact that he has claimed he has done zero polling. But what exactly would you call these many phone calls asking if they could count on our votes and if we would join them on Tuesday April 7th for their victory party?

Nothing like twisting words eh?

But it goes beyond that as Tom Giarrante has exhibited a disregard of the desires of voters with his cast of yes-people and tie-breaking vote in the Joliet City Council. And let's not forget his propensity for rewarding his yes people while trying to silence those in opposition.

But hey this twisting of words and ignoring the voices of residents and voters (especially those on the far west side of Joliet) is exactly what Tom Giarrante's political life has been all about. At least by my own political perspective and observation. Well Mister Giarrante - we "West-siders" are sick and tired of being last in everything from street-sweeping, snow-shoveling, police patrols to etc., etc, etc..

Enough is enough is enough!

Now whether your mayoral choice is Councilman Bob O'Dekirk or Councilman Andy Mihelich please come out in full force for them. Either one of these two would do a better job at protecting the interests of the average taxpayers of Joliet and right what has been a seriously listing ship under the incumbents tenure.

As for this household I know for a fact that the incumbent will get zero votes for his lack of leadership and vision for the City of Joliet which has more resembled that of the bigger wasteland to the east of it; a.k.a. Chicago. Simply put we people of Joliet are not Chicago wannabes nor do we want to be associated with its' rich history of political gamesmanship and corruption.

So Dear Resident Voters of Joliet - I Urge You To Come Out and Vote.

It is time to finally get rid of Tom Giarrante in Tuesday's Joliet Mayoral Election! Councilmen Bob O'Dekirk and Andy Mihelich are fine alternatives!

City Council Endorsements: Larry E. Hug in District One and Ray Polikaitus in District Three.

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