Campaign Funds Boost Politician Lifestyles

Campaign Funds Boost Politician Lifestyles

The Chicago Tribune Watchdog says the Federal Election Commission has determined that campaign funds boost politician lifestyles. Well Chicago Political Commentary says no shit Sherlock! You would think that the FEC would actually do something about rather than allow the legal use of campaign funds for personal expenditures.

You know, there is just something fundamentally wrong with the system when it allows politicians to file their disclosures and listing $2,600 Cuff Links or $1,500 in Concert Tickets as U.S. Representative Aaron Schock did and still be deemed legal. Even more perverse is the nifty neato paycheck U.S. Representative Bobby Rush pays his wife to manage his campaign because "one out of every four dollars raised goes directly to "Keeping It All In The Family."

Of course I really laughed my ass off when the Tribune exposed U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez's campaign committee for spending more than $130,000 on "hotels, airfare and other travel expenses to destinations like Las Vegas, New York, Puerto Rico and Mexico over the past five years." Nothing like a little vacation time on someone elses dime eh?

And we wonder why government in America is so broken? I mean didn't anyone there learn anything from former U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. and his attraction to what campaign cash can do?

Unfortunately politicians are self-serving creatures of habit and expecting them to take any sort of initiative to abide by the spirit of the rules or to use campaign funds for what they are actually intended for is akin to having an the same expectation for a lifelong crack addict to wake up one morning with a desire to go cold turkey or ask for intervention.

Well it just ain't gonna happen!

Why? Because campaign money is like Forrest Gump's "box of chocolate" and so long as "life is like a box of chocolate" - nothing will ever change with these sleazeball politicians who meander through life pretending to make a difference for their constituencies.

Seems to me the truth tells us the only difference a politician makes - is the net effect to their own bottom-lines.

Either that or they are looking to buy baby new walking shoes.

You know like the pair Forrest Gump was admiring.


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  • How true and how sad.

    It will take a quiet revolution to tame this, if it is not too late.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Probably Too Late Richard. As for revolution, well I can't see anything but a complete redo changing anything in this country. Politicians have become the "New Crown."

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    A redo is only possible if government on all levels are reigned in, and that can only be done (possibly) by a states' convention to begin to propose restoration amendments to the US Constitution and destroy the leviathan and forcing those changes down to all levels, state and local. Might be too late.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Exactly. At least that is what I got from your book recommendation which I have now read twice. But as you say it might be too late for any of the ideals behind the Liberty Amendments except for being good political science material and explaining to future generations why the American Experiment ultimately failed.

  • My comment last week about whether some U.S. Attorney is looking into this still applies.

    Only surprising thing is that Aaron Schock got named, as up to now he was the fair haired boy of Illinois Republican politics.

    The obvious question arises why congressmen with safe districts need campaign funds, but Jackson and the others recently named answer that.

    And then there is other stuff like do nothing politicians like those on the RTA get fingered for workplace harassment. Some fool posted on the Facebook comments "too much political innuendo in the article?" Well, duh, what other reason does Madigan's son in law have holding a political job? Especially after the Metra mess.

    Despite what Kelly says in the right pane, Rauner seems the only one who doesn't need the money and might go after Madigan (at least with his term limits amendment).

  • In reply to jack:

    First and foremost, Schrock's name doesn't surprise me in the least as one thing I have learned over my many years is that politicians, especially conservatives, are perhaps the most hypocritical of all. Hell so far as I am concerned liberal politicians are what they are - crooks. And they generally have no problem exhibiting that behavior. But watch out for the "phobe" he is against this, against that and you can bet your ass he or she is knee deep trying to keep a secret.

    As for Madigan's son-in-law, shit I wrote about that eons ago. We know exactly why he got the job and so long as the Demofreaks keep control nothing changes in Illinois, unless of course, the people finally have the epiphany I have been hoping for. Then again so many people are dependent on this rigged system of ours a vote against them is essentially a vote against their own pocketbook.

    Last but not least - I wouldn't trust Rauner so far as I could spit in a hurricane despite his pronouncements. He may not be the political insider as he claims - but that is just a matter of semantics given his wealth and political clout / influence and connections to Rahm Emanuel. Hear it loud - don't trust Rauner!

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    I'm not convinced about Rauner, especially given his Emanuel contacts, but as I mentioned on Kelly's blog, 2 of the other Republican candidates are just old school political hacks (Dillard's claim only is that he worked for Edgar, who didn't get arrested) who haven't articulated any answer to the state's problems, nor indicated any clue about their causes. The third proved he can't get elected. Since Quinn isn't an acceptable alternative, I'm not sure who is.

    But, as I noted above, apparently Rauner doesn't need to steal from his campaign fund, most of which he is self financing. Maybe some of his clients have a reason to steal from the state, but I don't know.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack I hear you regarding the old school political hacks - but so long as there is a relationship between Rahm Emanuel and the Hammer Rauner all bets are off even if, as you say, the candidate doesn't need to steal from his self-financed campaign - because as you know the fact that he did that opened the door for everyone else regarding campaign donations. So as a result one shouldn't be all that concerned with what Rauner does up front - it's what he does on the end play. These people, like Rauner and Emanuel have made most of their fortunes from what they (or who they) know politically. So don't be deluded about him being an outsider - he is far from that in my opinion.

    As for me, well, right now I am thinking of voting for Bugs Bunny unless the field changes dramatically.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    There probably won't be a write in box for Bugs, and that isn't a vote against Quinn.

    I also mentioned on The Quark in the Road what would happen with Richard's con-con proposal, including that he couldn't figure out what the 5th and 10th Amendments were. Note especially the discussion of the 22nd Amendment, its inapplicability in state politics, and what Rauner is now saying, not that I think he can actually get it on the ballot. But no one in power in Illinois can figure out that they have been there too long, especially the two Madigans.

  • In reply to jack:

    Of course, I was just being my usual facetious self. But I will be looking at any other candidate from any other party if they get on the ballot. I am just so tired of the lifer politicians that have managed to run Illinois into the ground. It really is time for a complete overhaul.

    And so far as Rauner, well I am not convinced that he is all that sincere when he says he is an outsider nor would I pleased with a Chicago Express to the Governors mansion. I believe Rauner has made Emanuel enough money over the years and that money hasn't always come from the private sector.

    Let's face it - even "outsiders can be insiders."

  • In the related laugh of the day Sneed has that the 3 other Republican candidates team up to prevent Rauner from getting the first ever Cook County Republican committee endorsement. That hits me similar to The Pussy Riot [they are getting out a month early] endorsement in the Russian Federation election, or the Zionist party endorsement in the Iranian one. Maybe if it were the DuPage party, it would make more difference. But I guess Sneed wants all of us to take a dump in our pants at the shocking story.

  • In reply to jack:

    Ahh yes another Sneed Nuclear Nothing - Then again what's new as she rarely disses the party she once served so blindly.

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