Canadian Born Ted Cruz Is Hellbent On Destroying America

Canadian Born Ted Cruz Is Hellbent On Destroying America

Ironically Hispanic U.S. Senator Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz (R-Tx) seems to have become the new darling of the Tea Party. And just as ironic is the fact that this darling made his way into America from north of the border rather than the usual route from the south. But that's neither here nor there as the Canadian born Ted Cruz is hellbent on destroying America.

Politically that is.

Now anyone who has read this blog from the beginning would know that I wasn't always as anti-Tea Party as I am now because it has always been my belief that the original grassroots political movement (which at one time was all-inclusive) had been hijacked by a faction of over-the-top extremists from within the Republican Party.

And that is the sad part of the saga as I can still remember the many Americans who went all in to establish some sort of opposition to the political Status Quo that has made American Government nothing more than a dysfunctional house of cards ready to implode.

Of course the Democrats wound up ignoring the grass roots phenomena that was springing up in all parts of the country because of its lack of a central committee or organization. Extremist Republicans, though, saw that as a golden opportunity as American discontent was running high. I suppose they should at least be given credit where credit is due as they masterfully infiltrated the grassroots political movement and established the necessary organizational structure needed to take over its leadership and change its original intent.

Unfortunately that is when the nuts came out of their shells. Especially early darlings like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, who for all practical purposes, were both walking contradictions as well as being too politically inept to ever lead this country in earnest. Somehow, though, they still have enough people believing in their hypocrisy to keep them important to Tea Party faithful who continue to hang on to every word or repetitive phrase they use.

Oh well, I suppose every con artist has to be good at twisting the truth. And if there is one thing that these two women have a good grasp of it's twisting the truth with their affinity for using populist buzz words to stir up emotions.

When it comes to the smart money, though, the people who wanted to bring real change to the political process just walked away. They knew that what was once a good grassroots idea had been taken over by people with a much different agenda. An agenda that favored those with money rather than all the average Joe's and Josephine's who tired of the over-taxation and inequitable government policies that were (and still are) destroying the American Middle Class.

And believe me folks, the Tea Party of today is not even remotely concerned with the Middle Class of this nation. They are, however, all for the perpetuation of money going to money and finding whatever ways they can to keep it for themselves.

It just turns my stomach every time I hear a Tea Party Candidate tell people that they want to restore America to its former prosperity but routinely forget to tell voters why they would have no problem in bestowing favorable legislation to those in position to create good paying jobs in return for their big campaign contributions.

Only problem is that that favorable legislation only assures that those who can create jobs wind up having no impediments in moving them. As in to any shit-eating nation that is willing enough to prostitute their own people to work for a fraction of the wages that Americans would.

So much for American prosperity. What a bunch of hypocrites!

Then again it isn't just the Tea Party folks that are at fault since there are more than enough Democrats and regular Republicans who haven't behaved much differently either. They have all profited mightily over the decades from the inside information available to the party leaderships.

So gee, isn't it just freaking uncanny on how many lawmakers came into politics with far less than the fortune they have been able to amass while 'serving the will of the people?" And don't tell me you don't know what I mean as I am sure you have all heard the usual spiel from these clowns on how they "feel for the people" or that they are "doing everything they can to preserve the American Way" for their constituents all the while laughing on the way to the bank.

So yeah right - piss off already. I think we all know what's been going on in American Politics. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the people. And that just gets me to these yokels from the Tea Party because they have become the most untruthful and dangerous of all when it comes to revealing what their true agendas are.

And just for the record, it saddens me to think that there are those who actually believe that the Tea Party Caucus in Washington has some sort of an altruistic political motive for their actions leading up to the current government shutdown because to do so would be delusional.

The bottom line is the bottom line - American Politics is dysfunctional at best. But when it comes to Ted Cruz and his Tea Party, well they have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they just don't give a damn about America or the people they claim to represent. Not when they are willing to stain the fabric of Lady Liberty's dress with their seminal fluids after they completely bringing her down to her knees.

So believe me, that ain't no Green Eggs and Ham Ted Cruz is serving up.

If anything it's Green Eggs and Political Scam!


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  • fb_avatar

    The case can be made that the Tea Party was a spawn of the GOP and wealthy benefactors, or that they merely embraced it, the end result is they've lost complete control of it. Whatever, this site tried to warn America of the Tea Party danger three years ago, but no one listened...

  • In reply to Daniel Hough:

    Thanks for the comment Daniel. Indeed there may be questions as to whether or not the Tea Party was a spawn of the GOP, but based on my own experiences of local Tea Party groups early on it can also be said that many of the independent factions were comprised of a wide swath of peoples tired of the same old same old. So it is hard to say what the entire landscape consisted of, but again those I had contact with were mostly everyday Joe's that left after its metamorphosis. And yes, people were warned. Again thanks for your comment.

  • Michael, your hyperbole is amazing. One man, Ted Cruz, is going to destroy America by opposing legislation. Please What is this "legislation" you are talking about that the Tea Party supports that will prostitute the US population? Be specific, please.

    I frankly believe that you are a big government guy in sheeps clothing. If you were anything but, you can see that what is destroying this country is the policies of BOTH the Democrats and the Republican leadership.

    I use myself as an example. Because of ObamaCare I am losing my healthcare insurance, which I pay as an individual. I am being sluffed off to the Healthcare Exchanges, where I will have twice the deductible of what I now have --$6000-- and a co-pay of $6000, where it will now be 60/40 instead of 80/20. And it will cost more per month for my premium. I have to pay this by law, and yet Obama, ruling unilaterally, allows exemptions for big business and other political groups.

    Michael, I just came from a legal trip to Cuba, and you know what: they are progressing more towards freedom and the marketplace while the US goes backward.

    Take the opposing party symbols off your blog, please, and replace them with some symbol of Big Government united, as that is what this screed shouts, and then you will have truth in blogging.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Richard, first and foremost I am dismayed that you, or anyone else must accept Obamacare with all its previously hidden sky-high deductibles or for a moment think that I was an advocate of Big Government or Big Business. I have been pretty vocal against both and if you recall I once said that is was no coincidence why the health care industry was merging the way they were and that they were merely parceling up the booty.

    I also do not disagree with your comments about how Obama conveniently exempted big business and political groups.

    However, it has not alluded me that President Obama isn't the only Dark Evil (no pun intended) in government either. Both political parties have played a bait and switch on us over the decades and I believe you even say that in your comments. I also fear that the America we once may have understand her, is gone forever because of corporate greed and the powerful special interest groups who have sat on the fence of ideology to fund both party's takers.

    As for Cruz, well he won't bring down America all by his lonesome. But he is the new poster boy (much like the shark with lipstick was) for a fanatical group within the GOP, so please spare me the dramatics over hyperbole as I pointed out that both sides of the aisle have equal extremism in their ranks. However, given that this yo-yo would have you believe that his intent was purely noble on ridding our nation of an ill-conceived national health care debacle, it became very clear after his filibuster that that wasn't the issue at all. It is merely about a minority caucus that gets its kicks by shutting down government or leading us off a financial cliff with threats to damn the debt ceiling. A ceiling, that by the way, became a de facto SOP under former President Reagan who had zero compunctions about using deficit spending.

    Shutting down government and/or setting off a chain reaction on a a global scale goes beyond the normal world politik or even the true spirit of what political discourse means. As for the prostitution, well I believe I was pretty clear when I spoke of the shit-eating countries who must constantly deal with in regard to customer service and or Warranty Issues as well as the fact that manufacturing have left America in favor of their labor force. You also seem to forget it was Reagan who first proposed the idea of NAFTA and that Clinton only took him up on it when he realized that "hey wow all of our big contributors will like that" because it will improve their bottom lines.

    As for the the Tea Party, well they have talked a real good game all the while taking their marching orders from Grover Norquist and our the Koch Brothers (just as the Extreme Left does with Soros). Why? Because their candidates have a financial stake one way or the other in appeasing their whims to take every last good job right out of the country. Their legislative record as well as their own wealth has been clear. As I say all the time Richard - Follow the Money there are plenty of examples on the Federal Register.

    Look I get it you are as frustrated as I am but I have never hidden my Moderate views or that we needed a balance (call it a necessary evil if you will). Merely wiping out the nation's safety net (and I am not talking about the perpetual welfare cheats and frauds here) without slashing a Military Complex which in addition to their own Departmental Funding stream has there hand in every other Cabinet Department as well and a fact that people conveniently ignore when assessing the greatest burden on our debt. Especially that other Wealthy Tea Party yo-yo that published a Path to Prosperity that all but left that spending intact.

    Why Richard? Why? Because these assholes are making big money by way of campaign contributions as well as off their personal investments after having the insider information obtained while serving on committees such as Way and Means.

    So I think I will just leave my opposing party symbols front and center as both parties suck the big one. But I also maintain unabashedly that the Tea Party is dangerous as hell and they are doing the things they do purely out of spite and because they can.

    That isn't governance and until they start fessing up on why they are intent on destroying the Middle Class and then wanting to take away a safety from those affected by their decisions I am staying right where I am at on the issues. And just so you know I have been on both sides of the street when it came to making money and having to accept what I paid into the system so please spare me that too because I fully understand why a legitimate safety net is needed. Matter of fact, I am living it. So am I to believe that I should be lumped in with all the system cheats and scammer's or do I have the right to receive what I put into the system after many years of work?

    And by the way, if a man who can never be president due to his birth wants to be the new poster boy for a caucus hellbent on creating a two-class system that can be subjugated by his groups' decisions then I'll take shots at him because I think I now believe understand what his true motivations are.

    p.s. Richard you are spot on on your Cuba comment as well and if the truth be told if you rethink what I am trying to say we would be more in agreement than not (as we have in the past) because what the Tea Party is doing has nothing what-so-ever to do with Obamacare - it is much much bigger than that and on that front I reiterate "from my cold dead hands" to serve as a final reminder.

    Final point - as I also predicted if the GOP continues to do what it does will only strengthen the Democrats position to screw us even more in their own unique way. So please think long and hard as to what the Real Picture and ramifications are before questioning where I stand which by the way, is in the middle.

    As you lament on how badly you are going to get shafted just remember this - just wait - the best (read as worst) is yet to come because the Tea Party has totally misplayed their political hand while exposing their own agenda. Bad deal all the way around.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Michael, the problem can be remedied by adhering to the Constitution, which nobody wants to do. You conveniently leave out the fact that Obama as a US Senator rallied against raising the debt ceiling. The fact is, the piper will be paid, as each and every debt must be paid by someone or something.

    You want a real way to fix the solution we are in? I suggest you read "The Liberty Amendments," by Mark Levine. The Constitution has left us a solution to the mess created by both parties and by all special interests.

    The stronger the Leviathan of the central government grows, and the further we are removed from Federalism, the worse things will get.

    Ted Cruz is but one person, and he is certainly less a problem than the despot who was elected president and his royal court of jesters and media and true believers. Look at the actions of our thin-skinned president: shutting down WWII memorials and pushing old men around, while allowing protests on the Mall. The hypocrisy is glaring.

    Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, Ben Franklin, James Madison and the other Founders and those others who signed and constructed liberty were not moderates. Moderates in the middle of the road are mowed down by traffic in both directions. Either you stand for liberty or you stand for tyranny, and the tyranny can be fast or slow and insidious.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Richard I have all the respect in the world for your opinions and I think you know that after a number of rounds we have had, but I can't agree with the last part regarding Moderates being run over. As we know the Constitution was designed to be an evolving document and I think done so because of the uncertainties that couldn't have been foreseen. Quite frankly the idea of Tyranny vs Liberty is a lot harder to discern today given that we have already become an oligarchy. Where were the hard-liners then? Well we know the answer to that since they were part of the problem.

    So what do we do? Do we abandon political discourse to spite our faces? If you want complete and utter change then the only solution we have for that is to blow up the entire damn thing and start anew.

    I don't know about you but I've fought my wars, real ones and I would rather take a deep breathe and a step back to look for a workable solution. So by definition I guess that means we need to take a moderate stand otherwise we get exactly what we got - two sides acting like children at the sandlot.

    Look, I believe in the Constitution and that we shouldn't spend money we haven't got, but it is kind of late for a complete overhaul isn't it? And while we are at it where in the hell were the people when their representatives ran amok?

    So how many of them do think are up for an all-out insurrection? because you know that is the only way to achieve what you are proposing.

    At some point you reach a point of no return and simply taking your ball home because you don't want to play (or compromise) isn't solving anything. And let's not kid ourselves as Reaganomics didn't exactly help when it became this country's long-term economic policy.

    Now I listen to Mark Levine on the radio quite often and think he is pretty sharp but not everything he says is doable either. But I will get a copy of the Liberty Amendments and check it out and we'll discuss it.

    Just to be clear though, if my personal liberties are ever so infringed upon to where I must make a choice then it will be done without reservation even if it means from my cold dead hands. That being said, though, I would still prefer that we don't abandon workable solutions or compromises either.

    What America needs right now is a measure of sanity and clear thinking and that is not happening with the lot we have on either side of ideology when it comes to severe ramifications should this tit for tat crap between the Tea Party and Obama. They are both acting like morons at this point and their actions will only lead to further decline and irreparable damage.

    And so far as despots go, well I think they all are but unless there are enough people to go to war with its own government to rid it of this tyranny you speak of the point becomes moot right?

  • There is only one thing with which I can agree with Richard--Cruz had an old fashioned filibuster (on the rostrum for 19 hours, then got off and voted for cloture). Anybody could watch his speech on CSPAN if they really cared, but that was the end of it.

    But, Richard, Blue Cross now has to take you, you don't need the exchange. You can get a lower deductible, and you will have to pay for it, but less than my former insurer who is trying to death spiral out of Illinois.

    But getting back to the real point, the real petulant children are in the House Republican caucus. Boehner keeps crying "no one will negotiate with us," but he can't call a clean bill. Apparently defunding Obamacare is no longer the House's priority, but there always has to be some "gotcha" to try to embarrass the Senate, but they keep being stripped. Then Palin and Bachmann cry that the war memorials are closed. You can't pick and choose, Tea Party. Then last night, the complaint on Real Clear Politics was that the Senate would send the House some Reid-McConnell compromise that there would only be time to accept it, instead of punting it back to the Senate. At some point, the games have to end, children.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack, BCBS-IL IS my carrier, and they are eliminating my current policy to one that is identical to the state exchange. It is NOT a lower deductible and NOT A lower co-pay unless I pay a much higher monthly premium. Also, BCBS-IL is the only provider on the state exchange except for something called "Lincoln" insurance, which was formed only last year with the help of a federal government grant. This is a fact, Jack. Not a made up story on dreaded Fox news.

    Jack, the difference between us is this: I am not a parison Both the Dems and the Republican leadership are in the same car. I think both stink, while, apparently, a Democrat -- and especially our imperial president, Nixon --er, I mean, Obama-- can do no wrong

    Obama had made exemptions to ObamaCare, in effect usurped the role of Congress, by carving deals for his big biz cronies and others, while the "little guys", like me, have to pay up -- and for worse coverage and care.

    How do you defend the reality, Jack? How?

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Now that we are on the same page--After BCBS accepted me in August, I, too got the notice that everyone has to sign up again for 2014. I found something with a comparable deductible, but it was an HMO, and it appeared that most of the doctors had pulled out of the network, so I'm not sure how that is going to work out. However, it wasn't the 35% increase the other jerks were going to charge effective Aug. 15.

    I agree that both sides are not reputable, but I guess you don't mind that there is no middle. However, the President you so despise said he would negotiate, but only if the government were opened. As I noted above, Palin, Bachmann, and apparently most of the House Republican caucus rather have the crisis than even an interim solution, and are reduced to acting like children. You tell us why Boehner won't bring the Senate bill to a vote. It must be because he is afraid it will pass over Tea Party opposition.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack, I think most people miss the bigger political picture that has unfolded over the years. And that is what is going to leave us all searching for something better than what we have from the staus quo. This game of gotcha or the blame game in front of the American People is getting way too old now. As for Obamacare, well everyone but the exempted will be shafted in the long run because it wasn't thought out and that is evident with the ludicrous deductibles that are being imposed.

    How many times have I said be careful what you wish for? Well here we are and just as I said the GOP will make themselves irrelevant, well here we are too.

    Both sides have acted worse than children and the reason for it is the extremism found in both parties. But the Tea Party has to take the cake as they have found a way to have it all come back at them ten-fold. Yes the real petulant children are found in the GOP House Caucus and if Boehner had a brain realize his days are numbered if he doesn't call for a straight up vote on funding or the debt ceiling. Guess I can put the crystal ball away now.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    The US will not default on its debt, because the one party system we have here, called Republocrats will vote it higher and higher, eventually. The US WILL default on its debt by continuing to spend money it does not have, mark it. ObamaCare already cost twice plus half of what it was projected to cost, so happy trails to the Tea Party paranoids.

    Personally, the only thing standing between me and the individual mandate (equal protection under the law?) which I have to pay vs the business mandate that business do not have to pay, is the horrible renegades in the House who are not part of the Republocrat Party.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Well I can't argue that point as there is no discernible difference between the two parties because they have all been bought and paid for by special interests looking to maintain the status quo. p.s. I really don't think we are as far apart as you may think we are, I would just rather look for workable solutions despite it all.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    No, we are not far apart. But you are not a "moderate"'; rather, you are a patriot seeking a solution. You only think you are a moderate, because it sounds reasonable and non-threatening. I am a radical, period.

    Read the Liberty Amendments; it is possibly the only Constitutional way we have to restore a sane Republic.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Richard, I Never considered it quite that way but I suppose you might be right. I mean I can see, and participate, in maintaining our liberties and freedoms from tyranny, but I have to wonder too considering that barely 40% of the population even bothers to engage in their most basic of rights what if an Insurrection were ever required - how would it play out? Seem to me that patriots or freedom fighters would be fighting two fronts (not that preserving freedom is worth the price) so wouldn't it be more prudent to look for a less radical (if you will) means to forge change. Even buried within our nation's early history there were trade-offs and compromises. So yeah I try looking for solutions (while tearing my hair out in the process) because I have seen the destruction war can bring and how hard it is to recover from it. The system, even though we don't like it, is already here and we need people to start doing what they are supposed to do and that begins with holding our elected officials accountable. And I think that in and of itself is the first challenge - getting people to re-engage their most basic right. The way I see it, if we reverse this trend of a 40/60 voting population to just a 60/40 one - real change begins because politicians don't have their built-in plurality any longer. Have to get rid of the rigged system with its leeches.

    In the meantime, I will accept your view of me as being a patriot looking for a solution as still being honorable until, at least, the shit hits the fan because my biggest fear of an all out assault would be anarchy waiting in the wings. And not to worry, I will be just as radical as you if need be so we are still well allied.

    Now I don't know which is worse sometimes - this oligarchy of ours or anarchy? But one way or the other something has to give and give soon. And yes I will read Levine's book. I just ordered it from Amazon after reading the opening pages and his reference to Alexis de Tocqueville "underlying rules which bend but don't push." Interesting. Thanks and hopefully it is printed in America!

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    There is no need for anarchy when you follow the Constitution, and the Constitution did leave us a way to correct this mess. I of course was not aware of how it could be done, but the Liberty Amendments book outlines the process. Sure, not all of it is "doable", and Levine offers these amendments as guides, not commandments set in stone. He wants, I think, to make the process known.

    I am, as I said, a radical, in the same way that Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Thomas Paine, John Locke and others were radicals: I believe in unalienable rights, granted by the Creator --Universe, Apollo, Zeus, Shiva, etc.-- and not by man.

    I think you may be in this vein, so this is why "moderate" may not be the right label for you, but only you can decide that.

    America Libre!

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Richard, you may right about the moderate label, perhaps just a radical looking for moderate like solutions as anarchy would be a possible consequence. It is, after all, human nature to fill the voids.

    I did, however, just get Levin's book and that is my weekend project while also doing my sports blog after watching the week 8 games. But the book is in hand! Thanks again for the heads up - sure it will be an interesting read. Then again, I listen to the man fairly regular on the radio and find his views interesting anyhow. Let you know after I finish the read. Have a great weekend Richard!

  • One thing I would like everyone to do is to Just Follow the Money. Where do politicians get their money from and then decide if my opinion that all politicians (DEM, GOP, TEA) are being largely supported and have their own personal family wealth tied to those very same contributors. And I think that is a fair request because right now my belief is that the average American has had their standard of living diminished while the politician has had theirs raised. I also believe that if the Tea Party were truly about Americans and protecting them - then why are they so complacent on the subject of their major contributors deriving their profits from non-American labor and/or off-shore manufacturing? Has everyone forgotten how many factories have been shuttered or that we have become a service society making 40% less than 2 decades ago? So why is it okay to diminish American wages and why isn't Ted Cruz talking about that? Yes by all means go ahead defund an Obamacare with its ridiculously high premiums that prevent Americans from receiving the proper care it was intended to provide. Go ahead I really have no problem with that argument. But how about disclosing who the hell is supporting you or your family? I think Ted Cruz has some answers to give and I think that it high time that those who want to Saint him to start looking at the Big Big picture and how it affects each and every one of our lives. It is just about Obamacare.

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